reality based solutions

Are you trying to reduce costs? Reduce working capital requirements? You know IT is more than a two-letter acronym in a sea of three-letter acronyms - but how do you choose the right solution when you're confronted with hype and promises that seem too good to be true?

I provide innovative software and services that brings the benefits of IT to the mainstream, for all companies, not just for the world's largest companies or mega-consortiums. With software based on the Microsoft .NET platform, my solutions allow mainstream companies to realise rapid measurable returns at the lowest cost of ownership and least risk.

Reality based solutions I am focused on providing your business with flexible, affordable, solutions that enable your business to achieve real world results - such as faster speed to market and return on investment. My solutions are manageable by business users, not teams of programmers, and ensure that my customers get productive quickly without draining budgets or IT resources.
Most complete solution Unlike the complex, consultant-intensive, programmer-driven approach offered by many software vendors, all applications are optimised for organisations that do not have the luxury of massive IT staffs, long implementations and teams of external consultants.
Rapid deployment All solutions are optimised for fast production deployment as they're built on the Microsoft .NET platform, which offers speed, reliability and agility without complexity. Building all solutions on the various Microsoft server offerings allows me to quickly integrate services and applications into a comprehensive solution for your business and lets your business users, not teams of programmers, manage the system. The .NET platform, paired with the unique application design I offer that provides packaged, built-in best practices, and business user management, ensures rapid production deployment - at a fraction of the time, cost, and resources required by other systems.