reality based solutions

Software development

A critical part of the business is the development of custom products for my clients. I fully understand the need for software that meets their needs completely, is reliable and is easy to use. The development methods used are designed to make products that work and work well

Structured and co-operative approach

I practice what I preach to others in my own development approach. which ensures that I fully capture my client's requirements and deliver exactly what they require. Additionally I base all commercial agreements on a co-operative framework that lets us work together with full visibility of each other's plans.

Excellent staff

Critical to any company's success is calibre and commitment of its staff. I have a breadth of skills and capabilities to ensure that the projects that I undertake are a success. My development skills range from single user console applications to large n-tier web-based applications.

Strong project management

I enhance co-operation by making sure my clients are properly informed on progress through regular reporting, and integrate client participation into plans through testing, delivery and acceptance.

Enhancement and support

All custom products are designed to ensure that I can support and and enhance them in the most efficient way, minimising rework costs should needs change. I can provide a full maintenance programme for all development, including source code licensing and escrow agreements if appropriate.

Strong track record

I have some 14 years experience in software development, training and some system administration. And I keep adding to it through the addition of new skills as the market develops.

Complementary skills

I have made alliances with other specialist companies in our field so that when my clients need hardware, as well as software to be developed, I am able to provide a turnkey solution.